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August 9, 2008

Bi-Weekly Bombshell!

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There is a cool blog on pinup art, artists, models etc and I just discovered they feature my website on 07/20/08 under artists #34 The Bi-Weekly Bombshell: The Pinup Art of Edward Reed
You can even subscribe to the pinup blog!


July 20, 2008

Glamorous Photo Shoot with Ashley!

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Patriotic pose from an American beauty!

Patriotic pose from an American beauty!

Had a great photoshoot with Ashley Spalding today.. she is such a pro and I had a hard time keeping up with her energy and enthusiasm! Here are but a few of the 300 shots I got in our 1 hour 1940’s glam session!


A perfect "Petty Girl" pose!

A perfect "Petty Girl" pose!

Dreamy Ashley straight from the big band era!

Dreamy Ashley straight from the big band era!


A Varga Girl if I ever did see one!

A Varga Girl if I ever did see one!

July 17, 2008

A good read…

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Vargas at work

Vargas at work

Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas

The Spencer Museum of Art holds many originals created by Alberto Vargas for Esquire magazine and is located at the University of Kansas. I have always wanted to make a trek there and see them. A few years ago Stephen Goddard wrote a thesis on Vargas and his work and I am one of many that he contacted for information about Alberto’s technique. I can only surmise that he was familiar with my Vargas derived technique for doing pinups as my work was published as how-to’s in a few art magazines. I credited my technique as being based on Alberto’s from which I gleaned from his work including information from his own writing on the subject in one of his books. Anyway, I am no expert on Vargas or his technique per se’ but I had a couple of clippings on Vargas and one was an ad for Wold Airbrush which is an airbrush he endorsed as his airbrush of choice when he first moved to the U.S. He later used Paasche airbrushes but that rare and obscure advertisment proved insightful to Stephen Goddards essay. The essay can be found Here 

And in the credits I am mentioned in good company including a member of his family! 

-Reid Austin, Michael Broadfoot, Barbara Coleman, Astrid Vargas Conte’, Lou Harbor (Hrabko), Jim Hartley, Bill Leisk, Vallie Pettersen, Edward Reed, Mark Roeyer, Elizabeth Schultz, and Dominque Taddei openly shared their expertise and insights. 

I am also mentioned in the notes: 10 and 22. I thank airbrush artist Edward Reed for sharing this information with me. 


so in a way I feel something of a connection to my would be mentor. I feel he is my teacher although posthumously. To be included amongst those contributing to an essay about Vargas where roughly 150 originals are held safely today is nothing short of the most incredible honor I think I could have. So I am already literally a footnote in pinup history!

June 22, 2008

The Notorious Peggy-Lee!

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Just had an awesome photo shoot with Peggy Saturday afternoon! We did some retro 40’s style shots…
Here are but a few….

Peggy 2

Peggy 3


Peggy 5

June 3, 2008

Spanking Tails 3 book

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Spanking Tails 3 A Gallery Girls Collection…
Spanking Tails 3
The rounded cheek. The quivering flesh. The anticipation of the sharp and welcome smack! That delightful palm-on-buttock noise! Ah, the wonders of a private school education! In the history of the Gallery Girls books, no one topic has gained more notoriaty (and sales, thank you very much!) as the Spanking Tails series. Here we are at our THIRD outing, and the line of young ladies poised and positioned for tough love has grown ever longer! And not suprisingly, the list of artists lined up to despense said tough love, including Mitch Byrd, Brian LeBlanc, Pablo Kousovitis, Anibal Maraschi, Perla Pilucki, to name but a feverish few! To celebrate this third “much too cheeky” selection of spanktastic excellence, outstanding airbrush artist Edward Reed has created an eye-popping front cover that will leave you breathless and scrambling for your finest paddle! Putting the OUCH in YeeeeOuch! 64 pages black and white plus color covers.
Available at SQP and

SQP Catalog

Art Scene issue #80

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The latest issue of Art Scene International magazine is out now and I am currently proofreading and co-editing articles for issue #81…

art scene 80

April 28, 2008

Book Available now!

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The Art of Edward: Portraits & Pin-ups Volume one is now available at SQP!,!

book ad

March 30, 2008


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Just finished a month and a half long pinup illustration project for a book cover!I can’t reveal any details quite yet but let’s just say it spanked my tail!Watch for more information soon! 

March 23, 2008

Art Scene 2 2008 issue 79

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The latest issue of Art Scene International is hitting the European newstands now and in the USA next month.Issue 79 features amazing tutorials by Alon Chou, Marcus Pfeil, Rene’ Blom, Marco Paoletti, Herb Martinez and interviews with Steve Firchow, Emrah Elmasli and Sanjulian. This amazing issue is not to be missed!


March 19, 2008

Art Scene 1 2008

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12008cover.jpgart scene 1 2008Art Scene issue 78 number 1 2008 is now available in the USA.I have a step by step tutorial on how to create a mermaid in Corel Painter and there is a spread of about 15 of my mermaids shown from the forth coming mermaid book to be published by SQP in early 2009. 

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