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December 1, 2010

Edward helps Olivia paint!

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Olivia De Berardinis has been one of my biggest art idols since the late 1980’s and is the main inspiration for my getting into pinup art. I have admired her work, met her a couple of times and even got to watch her paint a pinup! Well, now I can say I have returned the influential favor as I have discovered through her blog post for October 2010 that she is using my signature Freehand Airbrush Pinup Shield I designed for Artool way back in 1997 to create her wonderful work for Playboy magazine! Needless to say I am touched, honored and completely beside myself knowing my art hero actually is using something I created as an aid in the creation of her own art!

Olivia uses Edward's Pinup Shield!

Olivia's amazing work

She must like my shield enough to place it in the blog image! Look! My signature is touching an Olivia original! WOW!!!


Drakaina Masters!

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The art compilation book on the fantasy art muse Drakaina is now available through Amazon and SQP
I have one brilliant (if I might say so myself) illustration in this second volume of amazing Drakaina art!
Drakaina Masters

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