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April 22, 2009

Get Wet

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Available from SQP and Amazon

Wet And Wild! – A Gallery Girls Book
Moist fun. Sudsy joy. Slippery when amused. You put any combination of H2O and females frolicking, and you’re going to have a good time! In the latest Gallery Girl collection, we assembled a swim team of artists who know their way around the hot tub, the pool, the beach, the riverbank, the bathtub – well, you get the idea! Girls galore – just add water! Illustrations by Mitch Byrd, Maraschi, Cirulli, Perez, Guida, Brian LeBlanc, and many more! This will be a VERY Adult Swim! Don’t forget your snorkel! 64 pages black and white plus color cover by Edward Reed.
Retail $9.95
ISBN – 978-0-86562-194-7


April 11, 2009

How to Airbrush Pinups book

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The book I contributed an instructional article is now available at Wolfgang Publications and at
Check out the book with cover by Edward! (dats me!)

How to Airbrush Pinups is a collection of 7 instructional sequences done by well-known and experienced airbrush artists including Edward Reed, Steve Nunez, Susan Heidi, Liz Austin, and Tom Nguyen. Each photo sequence starts with the artist’s sketch, before moving, step-by-step, to the finished panel. The human form, the human face, and skin tones, are three topics that beginning artists struggle to get right. And it is these three topics that make up much of the discussion in this new book. Each chapter includes a Q&A with the artist. These interviews allow the reader to experience the artist, one-on-one. This is a chance to learn not only which airbrush the artist prefers, but also how they learned their skills, who inspires them and how to avoid the typical mistakes. The styles seen in How to Airbrush Pinups run the gamut from retro pinup and Vargas-style work of Edward Reed to modern stylized pinups of Tom Nguyen. Each artist adds his or her own spin to the classic female shape, and each explains in both words and photos how to create the allure that makes pin-up art one of the most popular art forms in the world. ISBN: 1-929133-80-4 ISBN -13: 978-1-929133-80-2 Cover by Edward Reed
How to Airbrush Pinups

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