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June 22, 2008

The Notorious Peggy-Lee!

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Just had an awesome photo shoot with Peggy Saturday afternoon! We did some retro 40’s style shots…
Here are but a few….

Peggy 2

Peggy 3


Peggy 5


June 3, 2008

Spanking Tails 3 book

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Spanking Tails 3 A Gallery Girls Collection…
Spanking Tails 3
The rounded cheek. The quivering flesh. The anticipation of the sharp and welcome smack! That delightful palm-on-buttock noise! Ah, the wonders of a private school education! In the history of the Gallery Girls books, no one topic has gained more notoriaty (and sales, thank you very much!) as the Spanking Tails series. Here we are at our THIRD outing, and the line of young ladies poised and positioned for tough love has grown ever longer! And not suprisingly, the list of artists lined up to despense said tough love, including Mitch Byrd, Brian LeBlanc, Pablo Kousovitis, Anibal Maraschi, Perla Pilucki, to name but a feverish few! To celebrate this third “much too cheeky” selection of spanktastic excellence, outstanding airbrush artist Edward Reed has created an eye-popping front cover that will leave you breathless and scrambling for your finest paddle! Putting the OUCH in YeeeeOuch! 64 pages black and white plus color covers.
Available at SQP and

SQP Catalog

Art Scene issue #80

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The latest issue of Art Scene International magazine is out now and I am currently proofreading and co-editing articles for issue #81…

art scene 80

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